McKeith New Designer Award

All proceeds from the Afton McKeith 100% Organic Cotton designer t-shirts will fund the McKeith New Designer Award to help aspiring new designers get started in the UK fashion business and industry.

The new designer who wins the award will be required to make a commitment to always use healthy models. When showcasing or presenting fashion shows, they must include an older person as well as a person who is not of standard model height. There must be at least one model who is below 5ft6. And all models must be of healthy weight and size, according to government guidelines. 

The mission of this award is (a) to encourage designers to use healthy models who are of healthy weight and shape, and (b) to encourage designers to use models of varying heights, types and ages, in order to represent the reality of our population, whilst preventing discrimination. 

To apply to be considered for the McKeith New Designer Award, fill out the form below: